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MON - SAT: 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

160 Elon Pl

Danville, Va 24540

Venture Invest Partners

A real estate investment club, where you can earn money, while you learn how to invest.

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Jeffrey Moore- Founder

Jeffrey Moore is the founder of Venture Invest Partners. As an entrepreneur, he has earned millions of dollars in business and real estate. His portfolio includes investing in both commercial and residential real estate property.  Mr. Moore began investing in real estate in 2006. His first home rehab project was a property he paid $30k for, invested $40k in rehab, and then selling it to net $80k in profits. One of Mr. Moore biggest flip was a commercial property that he purchase for $790,000 and then later sold for 1.3 Million. In both cases he earned healthy returns on investments. Through the years Mr. Moore has went on to assemble a multitude of real estate deals earning him significant income.

Mr. Moore’s success, business acumen, and desire to help others succeed have earned him great respect from his peers, family, and professional business leaders in the community. As a result, he has been able to give back to his local community. His philanthropy has resulted in providing students with several hundred thousand dollars in scholarships.

Mr. Moore says “I started Venture Invest Partners, to help people learn how to earn and succeed in the real estate business. Our goal is to help those who are interested in learning, how to invest in real estate. A full 12-month real estate education platform. That allows them the opportunity to earn and learn while they gain financial freedom”.

Member Testimonial

Breion Rose

Breion Rose, a Retirement educator in the investment industry and previous Allstate franchise owner has been an avid investor in real estate for over four years now. Breion developed an ardent passion for real estate when he met Jeffrey Moore.  That relationship and exposure spawned a new and untapped entrepreneurial potential within…the ability to successfully scout out, renovate, and return-to-market, these properties procuring generous returns on investment.

Under the mentorship of Jeffrey, his now partner, this mentorship influenced Breion to become a licensed Real Estate agent in the State of Virginia. In addition, he also learned the art of brokering and negotiating deals, rehabbing distressed properties, and most importantly, maximizing profit potential.

His goals and aspiration for this investment club are two-fold; to give back to the community by sharing knowledge and shaping young minds to become entrepreneurs and leaders, and to increase his real estate portfolio and accumulated wealth to leave as a legacy for his own family.

Membership Benefits

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